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Sunday, April 22, 2007


She was vulnerable, you said she was lost
Seems you lost yourself in her, when both your paths crossed
From temptation, you should have refrained
You have no control; your inner animal remains untamed
It dawns on her, you are ready to set to sea
Sail away in a boat, not made for three
Before you go, you had to leave your mark at shore
There she stood, empty arms, aching heart, eyes so sore,
He threw a bottle with a note “Just a reminder…
A promise I’ve made, I've told you before…”
Again being herself, being foolish, prudence had faded
Another man, another moment, leaving her jaded

picture by zuuru


Saturday, April 14, 2007


I just want to lay down in warm arms
My face resting in the curve of sweet palms
I take a breath yearning for a soft kiss
As if reading my mind, closes onto my lips
I have a chance to close my eyes
But i don't, fearing those moments were lies
My blood rushes through me so fast
A feeling I never had had in the past
My heart trembles with just a touch
Knowing this love is so strong, so much
He whispers 'i'm so into you'and thats when it hits, thats when i know
I am all he wants, right then, right now
I am that perfect answer, a chance god sent
Its all worthwhile, those moments we spent


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Be selfish

I want to hold u and i don't care what u say
But i fear if i do, u might push me away
U don't realise when ur feeling down
My heart also wears a frown
U put on a smile and tell me everything is fine
Tell me u need space so i get back in the line
Be selfish please be selfish with me
I'm willing to give u what u give others, its great, u'll see

photo by e-boo-stock

Thursday, March 08, 2007

A Commitment Contradiction

I think I understand,
The reason you won't stay with me
You think a ring upon your hand
will solve your insecurity

Admit it, you are lost in this decision
Your head held high although you haven't won
A Commitment Contradiction
Why waste my time, If I'm not your 'one'

So go ahead and play your games
If that's what you should do
Nothing here remains the same
But the way i feel for you

I can watch you walk away
In silence I stand, with no goodbye
You know just what to say
But its too late to tell a lie

So figure out what you must do
You think you are so damn clever
You can marry anytime you want to
But a lover is forever

Picture by fportugal

Sunday, December 17, 2006

My Tears

Compelled to cry a silent tear
Having not the reason all girls cry for
My cry is my eye's freedom
They strain to keep those tears inside
If i had not this pencil
I would write with my tears

Words may express how I am
Echoing my chaos
Onto a paper
My feelings are scribbled
But with no words, no paper and no pencil
I cry out my anger and happiness
For if I had nothing to write with
I would write with my tears

Picture by Paulo


Sunday, November 26, 2006

In Retrospect

Take a minute to reflect
Look at your life in retrospect
Recall a scent, recall a glance
Save a moment, save a chance
Life is lonely, no one can tell
Tears of sorrow, you hide them well
Think of the time when we had met
You thought pain was all you’ll get
Real love maybe, we never knew,
Just think of me, I’ll think of you

picture by suntoksabwan


Monday, November 20, 2006

Ode to My Ear

Such a miracle it is
To be able to hear
Audio images, melodies
Conducted by my ear

What control it has on me
Heart, body and all
Drowsiness, tenderness
All from something so small

I have sabotaged it
Now it retaliates
Scornful, torturing
My actions, it dictates

Can’t touch it, don’t try
Mobile renders useless
I twist, I turn
Destined to be sleepless

It has a heartbeat
I know it loves me
But can it stop
As its love just hurts me

It’s red, hot, and unbearable
Swollen, like a balloon
I wish, I yearn
For it to get well soon

picture by At~A~Glance

This poem was written only because i'm sick and tired of my ear. I had my left ear pierced twice and the 'higher' piercing is now infected so it hurts like hell! Doc says it will get better within a few -hopefully short!- days :)

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